February 19, 2021

This fantastic Victorian house has just so much potential. The property was purchased in a good condition but not suitable for a modern family, segregated over 4 floor levels and lacking open family living space. We sought advice from both our architect and structural engineer if it would be beneficial to extend the property further. Calculating the costs of the project we have decided against extension but to open up the internal space instead. All of the Victorian houses have a lot of special features and character but also a lot of awkward corners such as large chimney breasts that take a lot of space and prevent us from adapting desired designs. So, in order to meet the needs of the project we have decided to take one of the chimneys down, over 4 floor levels! Yes, that was a big job but it provided the property with so much more space and less awkward corners to fit the furniture in. We have kept the second chimney so the family still gets to enjoy their evenings by the open fire on two of the floor levels.

Kitchen is the space were family life thrives: however, in this property it was situated in the basement. Although the basement was converted to an exceptional level, it was still dark and dull, away from the living room and the play room. In order to meet the personal requirements of the client and their family we have moved the kitchen to the ground floor by opening up the space between the living room and the play room. We have also installed bi-fold doors to allow extra light and that natural extension of the living space into the garden on the sunny days.

The basement was then adapted into a self-contained apartment or in other words “Granny flat”. It involved conversion of the old kitchen into a bedroom with a en-suite, the old dining room into a living room and all done within the budget.

The remaining levels of the property have been fully refurbished and modernised using the fantastic creative skills of our design team. The bathroom has been fully renovated and modernised, providing the family with the bath as well as a wet room. The two small bedrooms have been converted into one big bedroom to meet the needs of the client’s family.

In summary we have converted this fantastic Victorian house into a friendly family home, all for just £35, 000.

The numbers speak for themselves, £60, 000 profit can still be made if property was to be sold. What a fantastic investment. If you are looking to convert your property but are too overwhelmed with the size of the project, get in touch! We are here to ensure it is a hassle free journey for you.


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